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Khaki Gallery, Wellesley, MA (Present)

Sande Webster Gallery, Philadelphia (August2004)

Delaware Valley Arts Alliance Loft Gallery, Narrowsburg, NY (May-July 2004)

KHAKI&BLACK, Madison, CT (Jan-March 2004)

Neuvie, Westlake Village, May 2002

Contemporary Arts Forum, Santa Barbara, September 2001

Karpeles Manuscript Museum, Santa Barbara (Aug-Nov 2001)

Montecito Art Walk, Santa Barbara, August 2001

Sande Webster Gallery, Philadelphia (July-Aug 2000)

UCSB, MultiCultural Center, Santa Barbara (Apr-June, 2000)

F-Stop Gallery, Santa Barbara (Oct 1998-Nov 2000)

William Laman, Montecito (Jan 1999-Dec 2000)

Karpeles Manuscript Museum, Santa Barbara (May-July 1999)

Barefoot Elegance, Santa Barbara (Nov 1998-July 1999)

Delphine Gallery, Santa Barbara (Dec 1998-Jan 1999)

The Book Den, Santa Barbara (Summer 1997)

Earthling Bookshop, Santa Barbara (Summer 1997)

UCSB, MultiCultural Center, Santa Barbara (Oct-Dec 1994)

UCSB, Women's Center, Santa Barbara (Sep-Oct 1994)

Atkinson's Gallery, SBCC, Santa Barbara (Oct 1994)

Arts Warehouse, Austin, Texas (1984)

Texas Union Gallery, UT Austin (Nov 1984)

Austin Contemporaray Visual Arts Assoc. Nat. Comp. (Mar 1983)

Mona's Gallery, Austin, Texas (12/82-2/1983)

Nahid Khaki is a Persian-born American painter and photographer with a BFA in painting and a MA emphasizing Art and Archaeology of the Ancient Near East from the University of Texas at Austin.

Artist's Statement:

My art is personal, pure and honest and it reflects all the changes that take place in my life. My style is mostly figurative abstract. In my paintings color, abstract shapes and textural effects are emphasized. In my drawings the focus is on the movements and the essence of the figure rather than the details. In my photography, I seek and achieve a certain level of peace, quietude, simplicity, zen, and organization despite the unrest in my world. Life is presented in a simple and understandable manner unlike reality. I use my camera as a tool to paint with my eyes, except the painting has already been created outside of me. I find pieces of this amazing painting with the aid of my camera. In general, my art reflects my life with all my happiness, sadness, zest, angst, and all the emotions I experience.